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A message from Our Bishop


Dear Married People,

The words of the opening prayer in the mass for the celebration of Marriage we pray
saying, “O God who in creating the human race willed that man and wife should be
one”. Catholic marriage is a sacrament, union of man and woman in the inseparable
bond of love. God wants this bond to be good and fruitful. Most of the Christian
marriages have lived the life of witness to this sacramental bond. Sometimes the
experience may not be good. There is nothing called a perfect couple or a perfect
married life, but it is always an effort by spouses to make it better each day. Marriage
can turn out to be good, only if the spouses make a choice for their marriage.

Good marriages can always be made better! Pope Francis described marriage as “a
project to be worked on together” and a “process of growth” (Amoris Laetitia, no.
218, 221). The Church provides many opportunities for spouses to deepen and
refine their love for each other and Worldwide Marriage Encounter is one such
opportunity that helps couples to live out their commitment of the profession of love
they have vowed on their wedding day.  The mission of Marriage Encounter is “to
proclaim the value of the Marriage and Holy Orders in the Church and the world”.

I congratulate Marriage Encounter movement of our Vicariate for organizing
programs like the Marriage Encounter Weekend that offers couples the opportunity
to deepen one’s love relationship with each other, with children and with God.  From
the feedback that I have received, I can say that the Marriage Encounter movement
is a gift and a blessing to the Church. I pray that through the Marriage encounter
weekends, many couples may find meaning and beauty of their commitment.

With my Blessings,

Bishop Paul Hinder OFM Cap

Apostolic Vicariate of Southern Arabia.

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