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Joseph & Maria

Abu Dhabi, UAE

We, Maria & Joseph are blessed with each other to be together in this sacred Sacrament of Matrimony. Ours was a beautiful arranged marriage. Our love story began the moment we were introduced over a video call by our families. We knew we had found our soulmate at the very first sight. Our love blossomed in the nine months to the wedding date. 

From ‘good morning’ texts, endless family video calls and praying together, we felt united in everything, most importantly acknowledging God’s mercy in bringing us together. We sure were each other’s carbon copy and couldn’t wait for the big day on 3rd July 2017, to begin our life together. It was five months into marriage and The Almighty gifted us for the love we shared for each other, our little bundle of joy conceived within.

We were still in our “romance phase” when Marriage Encounter Weekend was announced. We eagerly enrolled with no idea of what would be in store for us from the weekend. The weekend gave us the chance to give that quality time we could give our spouse listening to them and it helped in understanding our own thoughts better. 

Though we were newlings, we realized that the encounter had sown in us the seeds of love that would bear fruits in our relationship in the life that awaits. 

It has nurtured us to prioritize our relationship first over any challenges that we may face in our lives. 

To find true love is one thing but to kindle the spirit of that true love, sharing our deepest feelings, is one thing entirely apart and ME has surely laid a strong foundation for it. 

Presently with our love circle family, we believe we would continue to enjoy the bliss of our love life for eternity, being Two yet One.


Nelson & Elayne 

Dubai, UAE

We thought we had a great marriage and came to the weekend, just to spend quality time with each other. Those “48 hours” we spent at the ME Weekend, were the time we felt closest to each other.
The weekend was simply beautiful and made us fall in love all over again. Too many of us allow our relationships to drift into “autopilot”, allowing the busyness of life or other demands to push our relationship into the background. The structured manner of taking us through a journey of self- discovery and the amazing power of simple communication was an emotional eye -opener and we feel truly blessed. 

We would like to thank the presenting couples for their humility and openness in their sharing, just to enhance and enrich the lives of other couples. The weekend helped us to make our relationship a priority, with God as the third partner in our union. 

We have and will continue to recommend the Marriage Encounter weekend to our friends and families as this has made a huge impact in not just us as a couple, but on our family as well as it brought us much closer.


Leena and Adrian

Ghala, Oman

All glory to God for this opportunity to make our marriage great! 

I wasn’t keen to attend ME Oman. Ours was just an ordinary relationship kept alive thanks to religious and social pressures. However, when Adrian persuaded me to join, even for just a few hours or a day, I relented. Now, we are so grateful that we made it. 

It was through the generous sharing of the ME Team couples, we realised that many other couples go through similar issues, trials and emotions that we were going through. It is brave and courageous of ME Team couples to openly share their personal experiences in front of a hall full of strangers. God bless you all for your commitment and confidence. 

Listening to wonderful sharing and practical advice we felt that there was HOPE. The issues that we had buried deep in our minds and felt uncomfortable to discuss with each other, through the Lord’s blessings we could openly talk about them. We dealt with all the challenges our relationship faced during the ME weekend and saw our marriage transform. 

Even the team members reached out unconditionally. This platform is blessed and it empowers couples to heal. The ME team is a strong pillar that you can depend upon. It is the decision to love, hope and forgive that now keeps our marriage alive and vibrant.

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